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and they could never ever tear us apart

hi guys. my parents are pulling rank and making me leave for LA today at 3pm. i don't know why this is SO upsetting for me. maybe cause i was counting on tonight to talk to everyone one last time. i'm sure i'll be on and off the next week at my friends...but still. i'm going to miss you guys SO FUCKING MUCH. all my muses waging a civil war to get dibs on any upcomming time i have left.

so i'll let you guys knkkow my aussie number asap. and...i dunno. i love you guys. more then you know, more then i can say. and i'll miss you amazingly even more then that. please call my phone this week. i'm going to have tons of fun with miss jen and the caboose, but i still really would like to hear from you guys.

*sigh* i'll be around today for...fuck another 2 and a half hours. it's going to take me that long to say goodbye to my hutch poster. :-D priorities baby priorities.

i love you guys.

hutchbear says lovelovelove

love always your nini

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